Working for Core Communications LLC 

Work from Your Own Home Work From Anywhere

Tired of commuting back and forth to work? Ready to free up some time to spend with your family? Core Communications LLC provides all of this and more. Join our team and enjoy the the time you have with your family. Don't feel like getting out of your pajamas? No worries stay home and work in whatever you are comfortable in. No dress codes! Wear what you want. 

Customer Service

Provide customer service for many Fortune 500 companies all around the global. Many to choose from, you pick the clients that work best for you. 

Ask yourself what is customer service? Do you have what it takes to provide quality support to some of top companies in the industries?  You will be taking inbound calls from the customers of these clients be prepared to show them what Core Commmunications LLC Client Support Professionals Have to Offer. 

How Much Do I get Paid & Pay schedule

Working with Core Communications LLC you will begin as a Independent Contractor and receive a 1099-misc. This means that you will be responsible for any taxes owed. We will have the option for those located in our headquarters state to be an employee.


What is an Independnet Contractor?

The general rule is that an individual is an independent contractor if the payer has the right to control or direct only the result of the work and not what will be done and how it will be done. The earnings.

- IRS.Gov

You are essentially your own boss as an independent contractor. You pick your schedule, you determine how much you want to work, when you work and for how long.

The pay varies based on the client you choose to service. Each SOW is different. The pay scale currently ranges from $8-$18 an hour. When you receive your first SOW we will go over how the pay works more with you. Most clients pay on a per interval rate. Each interval is 30 minutes which you will learn throughout the completion of joining the Arise network along with your client course. 

Your career title is CSP or Customer Service Professional. As a CSP your pay period runs from the 1st-15th and 16-30th of each month. As such you will be paid bimonthly or every other week. More will be discussed upon successful registration and completion of joining our team on the Arise platform before servicing and your certification class begins. 

**Pay is scheduled to be distributed the 12th and 26th of each month for the 2017 calendar year for Core Communications LLC. We found these to be the best dates to enable consistency for the dates based on the Service Revenue Calendar that Arise provides to us.  Dates are subject to change due to banks closing on Holidays. 

** Please Advise there is a $19.75 platform usage fee that Arise deducts each pay period for every Client Support Professional


What Costs Are Involved

We will be 100% honest with you as one of our Core Values here at Core Communications LLC. There are fees involved. You are not paying us. We do not see any of the funds that you are charged by Arise to begin your new career. The fees you will see as a result of joining the Arise platform to become a member of our team are as follows: 

1. Background Check- As with any legitimate and honest organization you will go through a background check. The initial background check costs $7.95 this is the first step of becoming part of our team and family. (Currently the Background Check is FREE- NO CHARGE TO YOU) 

2. Equipment- In order to successfully service for any of the clients you may see on the Arise platform you must meet the system requirements. As such there are fees involved if you do not already have the necessary equipment

 Computer or Laptop: You will need this to successfully service for any client on the Arise platform. Click Here to see a full list of workstation requirements

Home Phone Line & Phone: You will need this to take calls for the client you have chosen to service for. It must be a home phone that connects directly to your wall. Internet phones are not supported on the Arise Network. If you do not have a service provider in your area that can provide this no problem. Global Connection Services is a great alternative for a home phone. As a CSP myself  I also use this phone service to service for clients. 

Internet: In order to successfully service you must have internet. You cannot use a WiFi network. You must use an Ethernet cord to be hardwired into your internet modem, there are no exceptions. This is necessary to help ensure the security and confidentiality of our clients information. 

Headsets: You will need 2 headsets. One for the certification course and one to service on. The Headset needed to complete your certification course must have a microphone and you must be able to connect it to your computer. Courses are live each client has different course times, you select the time that fits your schedule best. Participation is mandatory regardless of the client you choose to service

The second headset, is one that can directly connect to your home phone. I have the Platronics  Telephone Headset System S11 that was purchased for about $100 from OfficeMax. You can also find more economical costing headsets from Amazon, Ebay and many other sites.

3. Course Cost: The cost of course varies by client it can range from $12 to almost $200. This is your certification. Each client has different expectations as far as utilizing their systems to successfully provide customer service to their customers. As a result you must pay for the course to learn their systems and get the necessary certification. Although these courses do cost after 90 days of successfully servicing for  each client you choose, Core Communications LLC will reimburse you the cost of your course, which will also be discussed upon completion of your profile on the Arise Network. Please keep in mind the course times are not as flexible as your schedule will be. Each client has different course times available you are going to want to choose the time that best fits your schedule, which can vary morning or night. You must be able to attend the course the entire time and participation is a must. This is your training to service for the client you have selected

4. IBO Fee :We are not out to get rich off of any one. We enjoy what we do and want to share with you all. However, as with any company there are operating costs involved. As a result  there is a 10%  percentage fee deducted each pay period.

As an independent contractor  1099 Misc worker, these are fees you can deduct come tax season.  Along with the fees you incur with getting started. Keep those receipts and records for tax time. 




FLEXIBLE Schedule 

Enjoy the flexibility that accompanies your position here at Core Communications LLC.  You are in charge of your schedule. You get the great reward of choosing what times you want to work and what times you don't have to work. Have children? No problem you can service while their at school and be off before they get home, the option is yours. 

join the team

Like what you hear? Ready to join our team? Follow the steps below to complete the process. Do you still have questions? No problem, reach out to us and we will be happy to assist.

Please Advise: We currently do not have opportunities available for those residing in the following states: California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts,Orgean, New York & Wisconsin

Join Our Team By Completing the following Steps:

  1. Visit our Application Page to Submit your resume & application. 
  2. Go to  
    • Click on Register - you will be registering as an AGENT (CSP)
    • Follow the prompts and complete the assessments
      •  Background Check
      • Voice Assessment
      • System Check
  3.  Choose Your IBO
    • When prompted to select your IBO you will choose Core Communications LLC
    • IBO ID: 87076 
    • EIN: 82-0695168
    • we will be notified when you select us as your IBO 
  4.  Sign Documents
    • You will have to sign multiple documents that serve as your contract between Arise & Core Communications LLC 
      • Waiver 
      • Non-Disclosure Agreement
    • We will also sign the same documents when your information is sent to us 
  5.  Choose Your Client
    • Once you complete the previous steps you will begin to see a list of client opportunities available. Make sure to click on the little blue i bubble to see what the requirements are for that client. Each Client is different
  6. Affidavit of Identification: As part of the process of joining the network you will have to send in and Affidavit of Identification. This is a colored copy of your a valid ID. Your ID address and address entered on the Arise platform must be the same address or it will get rejected. This along with the notarized Affidavit will need to be sent to 
  7.  Welcome Letter & Other Documents
    • Once you have completed all of them steps and are an official Independent Contractor with Core Communications LLC we will send you a welcome letter. It will go over what you can expect as you begin and getting ready for your first client course
    • At this time you will receive a Direct Deposit form to be completed. This form is so we can deposit your funds into your account once you begin servicing. 
    • After your first 30 days of servicing for the client you have selected you will receive the option of remaining an Independent Contractor or becoming an Employee of Core Communications LLC. The employee/ company relation is between you and Core Communications. Arise is no way affiliated with this concept, to them you will be an independent contractor we are the ones that will be handling payroll for you. 
  8. Begin Your Course
    • On the Arise portal each client has a different start date for their course. Make sure to take note of the course time and course date. 
    • These courses are live training. Some course have pre-work that is to be completed before the start date of the course. 
    • Watch your email: This is important because you will receive important emails from your course instructor outlining how to login to the course, expectations, and any work that may still need to be completed before course 
    • Affidavit of Signature: This is to confirm your identity and required by Arise and many clients. If you have not done this yet it must be completed. If not you will be removed from the course for the client that you have chosen. We do not want that to happen. Make sure to get this complete. Your Instructor will keep you updated if your Affidavit was accepted or rejected. 
    • See More Helpful Tips on Getting Ready For Your First Client Course