Training is Conducted In A Live Virtual Setting

Let's Get Ready For Class!

The time has come to select your first client. Follow the steps below to find out the steps it takes to ensure successful enrollment in your client course. 

Note: You have 24 hours to process and complete payment or you will be canceled from the client course and the opportunity and will have to repeat the enrollment process once again. Please note that certification courses are filled on a first-come, first-served basis and will fill at any given time. Your seat is not secure until you have fully paid for the course. 

Follow these eight steps to select the right opportunity for you:
1. Click the “i” ICON to review the Opportunity Announcement which contains the details of the specific client program – including information on the call type, service revenue, whether there is an additional background check, disqualifiers, and whether there are additional equipment requirements

2. Click SELECT to review details. The “Opportunity Details” page will then display.

This page contains:
 Service options and associated class times
 Course cost
 Required self-paced learning for the class

3. Click the VIEW CLASS TIMES to display details.

4. Click Enroll Now to select this business opportunity and the corresponding Client Course. You will then be taken to the Partner Enrollment Dashboard Home page

5. Once you have selected a client course, you will be asked to complete the remainder of the Enrollment Process.

This could include:
 Additional computer systems check

Assessments (voice, chat skills, self-assessment)

6. At this point you will either be selected to proceed to pay for the client course, or you will be notified that you were not selected for this particular business opportunity.

 When you are “selected” your status field on the business opportunity will display Pay.

 When you are “not selected,” your status field on the business opportunity will display Canceled.

After you submit payment, you will receive confirmation of your enrollment onscreen

7. Click “Class Details” to proceed to the Class Details screen. The screen will display “Class Starts in X days” or “Class Starts Now.”

8. Click “Start Class Now” to attend class on the specified start date, or the “Access Link” to start a self-paced course on Arise U (please ensure you have your pop up blocker turned off). Please note that not all certification courses have self-paced requirements.