Coming together is a beginning keeping together is progress working together is success
— Henry Ford

What is an “Opportunity Announcement”?

A document that contains all the information you need to determine if you, or your agents, would like to provide services for a particular client program. Details about the call types, additional equipment requirements, service revenue, certification course schedules and certification requirements are in this document. It is critical that you read Opportunity Announcements thoroughly before expressing interest in a client program

What Does it Mean to “Express Interest”

Expressing interest in an opportunity is the first step to enrolling in a client program. When you visit the Portal, and there is something that interests you – you click select. At this time you’re indicating you want to be notified of next steps – it does NOT mean that you have enrolled in the course or been selected for the opportunity.

What Does it Mean to “Enroll” and How Do I Know I’ve Done it?

Enrolling means you have expressed interest, received instructions on next steps, taken any additional assessments or met other criteria and submitted your credit card for payment for the certification course.

Will I Automatically be Selected for the Opportunity?

Opportunities are on a first come, first serve basis. Additionally agents may have to take a series of assessments, including a voice assessment for phone support programs. Finally, you must pass the course.

I have Selected My Course Now What? 

Now that you have selected your first course it is time to prepare. Keep reading to learn some helpful tips on successfully passing your course

  • Quiet Workplace: You are going to want to have your "office space" setup and ready to go, make sure you have the basics, computer headset (that can connect to your computer and has a microphone), and dedicated internet line. These are the basics of what you will need to successfully participate in class
  • Course Time & Date: When you enrolled in your client course you where prompoted to select a time. Make sure to keep this time handy you will need to be ready this time each day to attend your course. These are live training, so it is important that you attend and be ready to go. Each client has their own start date for the course, make sure you write this information down as well. 
  • Participation: Participation is a part of successfully passing your course. Ask questions and get answers, get clarification on the steps you need for servicing your chosen client. This is your training, so it is important that you pay close attention to what is being taught
  • Check Your Email: Your course instructor will send you an email regarding the selected time you have chosen for your class, along with important pre-work assignments that may need to be done. Make sure to check your email frequently so you do not miss these important announcements 
  • Make Notes & Listen: Take notes during your class. Keep  these notes handy they will be beneficial when you go to do your nightly assignments along with servicing for your new client.